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Welcome to KNOW Before You Dig!

Damages to buried utility infrastructure continues to grow at an alarming rate. In 2017, there were over 5,100 reported damages, up 37% from 2016. What is most alarming, is that 61% of those 5,100 damages, had public locates completed.

Why is this? The big push from the industry is to “Call Before You Dig”, however, 61% that obtained locates still struck a buried facility.

Our team at OWN Your Safety believe that to reduce that 61%, you need to understand the complex utility locate process, through education and training and “KNOW Before You Dig!”.

We have created our “KNOW Before You Dig” Blog to provide the excavation industry with information to help everyone stay safe on the job, and to improve safety cultures within organizations.

Stay tuned to our upcoming post: OWNING Your Safety Starts with KNOWING Before You Dig.

Our goal is to keep the content of this blog current and accurate, and to provide content that is needed within the excavation industry. Could you please provide us with any suggestions with regards to digging safe around buried utility infrastructure?

Thanks, and have a Safe Day!

OWN Your Safety


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