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OWN Your Safety Encourages Industry To ‘Know Your Safety’ Before You Dig

OWN Your Safety president, Grant Piraine sat down with Daily Commercial News to discuss the need in the industry for a safety course dedicated to utility infrastructure awareness. Check out this great article.

While many are familiar with the phrase “call before you dig,” when it comes to underground utility infrastructure, it’s about “knowing before you dig,” states the president of Own Your Safety Inc., an organization that offers Utility Infrastructure Awareness (UIA) education and training for the ground disturbance industry.

“It’s knowing how to interpret those locate reports and those marks, understanding your site, your surroundings and what is buried in the ground even before you call,” said Grant Piraine.

“Do not put your life in someone else’s hands, take ownership of your own safety and understand what you’re doing, not just because you have been told by your employer to follow a set of rules but because you want to, for yourself, your family, your employer, the general public and the people around you.”

Piraine, who has been in the industry since the 1990s, started his career doing excavation and drilling work.

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