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OWN Your Safety
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Utility Infrastructure Awareness (UIA) online or in-class training has been designed to educate Owners, Management and Workers on the complex utility locate process from beginning to end. Working near buried utility infrastructure has many risks and it is important that everyone understands these risks when performing ground disturbance. Topics include:

  • Risk Associated with Excavation Activities

  • Legislation, Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Consequences of Striking a Buried Facility

  • Identifying Utility Structures

  • Public Utility Locates

  • Private Utility Locates

  • Locate and Marking Best Practices

  • Locate Technologies and Limitations

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering


KNOW Before You Dig 
Educate Your Workers About the Risks and Consequences of Ground Disturbing Work!
When performing ground disturbing work, there are many risks that employers and workers need to KNOW Before they break ground. We have created supervisor and crew courses for Utility Infrastructure Awareness to help give everyone working these projects the knowledge and tools they need to be safe when working near buried utility infrastructure:

KNOW Before You Dig - Utility Infrastructure Awareness - 180 minutes

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