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Jim Douglas Joins OWN Your Safety

Its our pleasure to announce that Jim Douglas has joined OWN Your Safety (OYS) as Vice President of Damage Prevention. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to OYS and we are extremely excited that he has joined our family. Jim's career spans over the 44 years working with the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) and Enbridge. As the President and CEO, Jim led the ORCGA to unparalleled success in the damage prevention industry including the management and implementation of 13 Geographical Councils across Ontario; 8 versions of the ORCGA’s Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention Best Practices, 7 versions of annual DIRT report; Damage Prevention Technician Program; Dig Safe Program; countless events; and, was a key player in the One Call legislation for the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012. Jim will be leading a group of likeminded individuals whose sole responsibility is Damage Prevention through Utility Infrastructure Awareness education and training. Jim will also play a key role with our damage investigation team - ensuring accuracy, compliance and standardization. We look forward to transforming the Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention Industry with his leadership and expertise.

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