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The value method of valuation is now actively used in the sale of new buildings, when marketers sell you a future view from a window, a lifestyle in a business center, or a location in a prestigious area. However, remember: manipulation in advertising often causes financial losses

The area, city or country “pumped up” with advertising investments eventually “deflates” in price, the illusions of investors dissipate, and only bitter disappointment remains.

Let's analyze a recent case with our client. He invested 21,000,000 rubles in the new building at the construction stage. It turns out that the acquisition price of the object was equal to 21.000.000. For the purchase, he used part of the mortgage funds, therefore, taking into account the interest paid, the total cost of the object for him cost 24,000,000 rubles. A comparative analysis showed that similar objects in the house cost from 27,000,000 to 32,000,000 rubles. That is, in terms of the potential for resale of objects, our client has already remained in profit.

But! He applied the method of evaluating alternative investments and calculated that if he had invested this money in a different way, he would have received a large profit. Moreover, values ​​played a role here. Our client believed that the main value of the apartment is in its view from the window, and therefore, the price of the object should be set at 36.000. 000 rubles.

The incoming buyer approached the issue of valuation rationally, applying a comparative method and arguably stating: “Yes, the apartment is really good, and the view is beautiful. But since the most expensive analogue in the house costs 32,000,000 rubles, it means that it is worth paying 32,000,000 for this apartment, not more!”.



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