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KNOW Before You Dig!

Ontario's Only Utility Infrastructure Awareness Education and Training Solution.

Reduce Excavation Incidents

Stay in Compliance

Transform Your Utility Infrastructure Safety Culture


Because everyone should KNOW Before They Dig!

"OVER 5100 Reported Infrastructure Strikes in Ontario in 2017" ORCGA DIRT REPORT 2017

62% Of All Damages HAD LOCATES!

Adult and Child Safey Boots

What We Do

OWN Your Safety

OWN Your Safety

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Utility Infrastructure Awareness Education

Our safety training solutions integrates e-learning technologies, and compelling course content to increase safety awareness and promote safe behaviors.

We can help your organization deliver online or in-person safety training with the click of a mouse!

Our training programs protects your employees from injury and your organization from the consequences of non-compliance. 

Utility Damanage Prevention

Utility Infrastructure Damage Investigation and Reporting

Own Your Safety provides comprehensive investigation services for damaged utilities. With over 25 years of experience in the utility locates and safe excavation, we can provide consultation services for lawyers, insurance, government, excavation contractors or any organization involved in a damage investigation case. 

Consultig for Insurane Claims and Undewriting

Consulting for Insurance Claims and Underwriting

We provide training and consultation for the insurance industry, working with Underwriting and Actuary professionals to identify and mitigate the risks for their clients that perform ground excavation work. 

OWNing Your Safety Starts With KNOWING 

Utility Infrastructure Awareness Training has been designed to educate management and field staff to understand the complex utility locates process from beginning to end. The program is designed to ensure your employees KNOW the risks and liabilities associated with excavation field work, BEFORE they dig.

Learning Objective

This program will help management and field staff:

  • Develop an appreciation for the personal ownership of safe excavation.

  • Understand the basic fundamentals of safe excavation.

  • Recognize the laws, standards and regulations related to excavation.

  • Appreciate the risks and liabilities associated with excavation.

  • Identify the influences that impact excavation.

  • Identify the difference between public and private locates.

  • Understand documentation, reports and schematics of locates.


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