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Every time we give a presentation about the differences between public and private locates, someone never fails to ask the question: “If I hire a private locator, who is responsible for a damage if a privately-owned buried facility was missed during the private locate?...

February 6, 2019

If you are an asset owner and/or someone who hires and directs the work of excavation subcontractors, how do you know if a worker excavating on you project is competent?

We have a complex public and private locate system here in Ontario. If not managed properly, the res...

November 2, 2018

From a technical perspective, the public and private locate processes by which public and private utilities are physically traced and marked are very similar; in fact, the locate equipment, procedures and operational requirements are virtually the same. However, the pr...

August 21, 2018

***ALERT Commercial Property Owners*** Do you know the role you play in the public and private locate process when someone is digging on your property? Are you aware of the steps you need to follow to reduce the risk of damages near the buried utility infrastructure th...

Requesting public locates for your excavation project is a complex process with many parties having a definitive role before you can excavate. The private locate process is just as equally complex, however, there is little to no information available for excavators to...

We have created our “KNOW Before You Dig” Blog to provide the excavation industry with information to help everyone stay safe on the job, and to improve safety cultures within organizations.

Grant Piraine, President of OWN Your Safety shares how his organizations is taking a comprehensive approach to Utility Infrastructure Awareness Training and Education to keep people safe and reduce risk for organizations

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