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Electronic Locate Report Requirements

When working on an excavation project, the excavator is required by law to have the public locate reports available for review. For many years the acceptable format has been paper. The TSSA required the following for paper locate reports: Minimum size of 8.5 x 11 inches Locate report shall be legible and free of defect All pages of the locate report shall be accessible at all times and available at the request of the TSSA inspector. Not conforming to these requirements would usually result in an administration fee in the range of $500 being issued to the excavator. With the convenience of smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are connected to the Internet wirelessly, it has become a common

Above Ground Utility Structures Will Help You Understand What’s Below Ground!

At almost every in-class training session that OWN Your Safety delivers, we are asked the same question: “What’s the most important thing that I can do to ensure I don’t strike a buried utility line?” – My first response is always “KNOWing before you dig is critical in taking ownership for your safety” however, there is a lot to KNOW and you need to start somewhere. Starting with taking our Utility Infrastructure Awareness training; understanding how to read and interpret locate reports; knowing what the marks on the ground mean; and how to deal with limitations and special instructions on locate reports, is a very good start. What I most often suggest is that knowing the purpose of utility




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